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I am a health communication researcher who focuses on reducing and eventually eliminating health disparities through community –engaged and community-based participatory approaches. My research shows a track record of work dedicated to addressing health disparities among African Americans and other minority and underserved populations. I have continued to build a strong program of health communication research focused on reducing health disparities as a graduate fellow, Assistant Professor at the School of Journalism and School of Medicine at the University of Kansas and now Associate Professor at the at the University of Utah and Investigator at the Huntsman Cancer Institute. I have led and contributed to several publications that emphasize the importance of effective health communication targeted to minority and underserved populations and the role it plays in positive health behavior outcome.


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  • Lumpkins, C.Y., Miller, L, Twizele, Z., Philp, A., Nelson, K. & Cooper, E. (2023) – In Press: The Black Church and Opportunities to Address Cancer Disparities through Cancer-Related Genetic Risk Assessment Software Technology

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  •  Chen Y., Ramírez M., Lumpkins C.Y., Crawford B., Greiner K., Ellerbeck E. (2022) Lessons Learned from “Community Workers Beat the Virus,” a Multi-Media Campaign Co-Created with Trusted Community Leaders. American Journal of Public Health. In Press​

  • Lumpkins, C.Y., Greiner, K.A., Daley, C., Berkley-Patton, J., Hu, J. & Palla, S. (2019). An Exploratory Analysis of the Role of Religion in Colorectal Cancer Screening among Safety-Net Clinic Patients, Journal of Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology, 5:058. DOI: 10.23937/2469-5858/1510058 (PMC# not applicable).

  • Lumpkins, C.Y., Filippi, M.K., Nazir, N., Pacheco, C.M., Hester, C.M., Daley, S.M., Choi, W., S., Daley, C.M. (2018). It’s Not Just About Recruitment: An Exploratory Look at Tobacco Education Sessions to Increase Participation Into Smoking Cessation Programs among American Indians. Health Education Care, 3, 1-4, doi: 10.15761/HEC.1000137 (PMC# not applicable)

  • Hyunjin, S., Erba, J., Geana, M & Lumpkins, C.Y. (2017) Calling Doctor Google? Technology Adoption and Health Information Seeking among Low-income African-American Older Adults, Journal of Public Interest Communications, 1,2. (PMC# not applicable)


  • Lumpkins, C.Y. & Daley, C. (2017). Community Based Participatory Research with African American men in faith-based populations: An Opportunity to Design Innovative and Impactful Qualitative Public Health Communication Research Studies. SAGE Research Methods Cases


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